Lux Charter bus routes data automatization

Can you imagine today that a few decades ago you had to buy a map from a gas station in order to navigate in foreign countries during vacation? Or filing a tax return, which required significantly more (paper)work than today? Or you wanted to share your favorite picture with a friend, but he received it only 3 days later due the postal service delivery schedule? There are endless examples of how the development of technology, the improvement in its availability and automation have made our daily lives much more comfortable than it was a few decades ago. And in addition to convenience, these aspects have also helped companies to make the business processes more efficient. 

Pineparks had the honor to be involved in such a project. We reached an agreement with the bus company Lux Charter to develop an innovative web application.

But let’s start from the beginning – previously the process was following:

  • Dispatcher entered the route information to the route management system and printed out driving sheets
  • Bus drivers took paper sheets to the trip
  • Drivers filled papers with trip data during the journey
  • After trip completion, papers were returned to dispatcher
  • Dispatcher manually entered data back to the route management system

We, however, developed a web application for Lux Charter that bus drivers can use with all devices –  mobile, tablet or desktop computer. Development was based on progressive web application (PWA) development principles, which are:

  • Cost-effective – PWA development is significantly cheaper compared to native apps
  • Functional – PWA functionality is on par with native apps. Yes, functional even in the offline mode if developed such way
  • Responsive – accessible from mobile, tablet and PC – from your regular web browser. No need to develop separate website, Google Play and iOS app store versions

What does the process look like with the help of a developed PWA?

  1. The dispatcher enters the driving data information to the route management system
  2. Data is automatically transferred to PWA via SQL database
  3. Bus drivers track their journey data during the trip, via application (incase of no internet, data is saved and synced when connection restored)
  4. Fata is automatically synchronized with the route management system

So now there is no need for paper sheets printing and manual data entry by dispatcher – all data is synchronized automatically!

What we did:

  • Applied Progressive Web App (PWA) development principles
  • Developed on Vue.js framework
  • Design and structure, keywords being simple and easy to understand
  • Offline first – bus trips often visit places where is no internet connection, therefore trip data is actively saved in the PWA app and automatically synchronized with middleware API as soon internet connection is up

If you feel that your company may have similar processes that could potentially be automated, feel free to contact us and we will implement your idea!