Online learning platform development in UK/EE


Pineparks is committed to innovating digital solutions that improve access to education. Our latest project,, is an online learning platform that allows users to find teachers and conduct lessons online. This project earned us the prestigious Netty Awards 2024, affirming the high quality and innovation of our work. The project is an excellent example of our skills in web development and creating online learning platforms.


In the era of digital education and the need for flexible access to learning materials, there arose a need to create a convenient and functional platform that would ensure effective communication between students and teachers online. Existing solutions in the market either had limited functionality or did not provide sufficient interactivity and user-friendliness, which are essential for advancing modern education.


Architecture and Design

The development of Pinpaya began with a thorough planning stage, where we identified client needs and drafted a detailed project plan. Pineparks developed Pinpaya from scratch, paying special attention to architecture and design to ensure consistent functionality and ease of use on all device types, from desktops to mobile phones. Web development and online learning platform development were our main focus areas to create a scalable and secure system.

Online Learning Platform Development and Functionality

Pinpaya offers a wide range of features that facilitate online teaching:

  • Teacher Search: Students can select teachers based on different disciplines and availability.
  • Video Call: Classes take place via video call, creating a presence effect and personal interaction.
  • Interactive Tools: Drawing boards and other tools used during video calls improve communication and help clarify learning materials.
  • Chat and Notifications: The platform is equipped with a chat function for quick communication and a notification system to keep track of schedules and important events.
  • Online Payment: An integrated payment system ensures easy and secure payment for lessons.


The launch of Pinpaya turned out to be a significant success. The platform has been highly rated by users for its functionality, ease of use, and ability to improve the educational process through online communication. The Netty Awards 2024 prize is a recognition of our innovation and contribution to digital education.


The Pinpaya project demonstrates how cutting-edge technology can transform learning, making it more accessible and interactive. Our experience in web development and creating online learning platforms allows us to offer effective solutions in the education sector. If you want a similar platform, you can write to us. Our team will provide you with a suitable solution that meets your needs and objectives. We look forward to your inquiries and are ready to assist you in developing your digital education platform.