6 Untapped Opportunities in Ecommerce

E-commerce has presented businesses with multiple opportunities to expand their ventures. You can now register on any reliable and reputable e-commerce website and list your goods to cap the multiple users looking for what you offer. This gives you a broader reach to clients and increases your possibility of growth.

While e-commerce has presented multiple opportunities for businesses and developers, several possibilities are yet to be fully utilized. These untapped opportunities could present users with a unique approach to ensuring that they make the best out of the websites. Some are new technologies; others are a different approach to doing business.

The top untapped opportunities in e-commerce include

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming is an ideal approach to e-commerce that has yet to be effectively used by many businesses. It is best suited for companies that offer streaming services or video-related content. These products include concerts, sports events, awards, launch parties, and more. Only a few people have the luxury to buy tickets to these events or are in the given location to attend.

Providing live streaming services would be an ideal solution to such a gap in the market. You can sell online tickets to such events where the customers can enjoy all the fun and not miss a single moment from the comfort of their homes. You can also consider subscription charges to access events running through a specific period as another live-streaming approach.

2. Same-Day Drone Delivery

There is nothing that ranks higher than customer satisfaction. While online shopping can be exciting and fun, customers are sometimes forced to wait an extended time to get their orders delivered. This especially happens when you order goods from a location distant from your delivery spot. However, with the evolution of technology, you can solve this problem by considering the use of drones.

Drones are incredible inventions that have proved to be helpful. People shooting unique videos using cameras pinned on drones is the most common use of these devices. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, drones got a different niche as they were being used to deliver things because of all the restrictions, including lockdowns and social distancing.

They guarantee fast and same-day delivery, and you don’t have to wait a few days to get your new tools or makeup kit. All you need to do is include it as a delivery option, and your customers can opt for it if they want same-day delivery. Increases the odds of getting more orders because of convenience.

Pineparks / WooCommerce development company in London
Pineparks / WooCommerce development company in London

3. Advanced Chatbots for Customer Service and Making Orders

While constant communication with your clientele might involve multiple back-and-forth emails on their orders, this approach would involve a considerable workforce to meet the market demand. However, introducing chatbots to answer the FAQs and any personal questions a customer would ask is an intelligent approach to customer service.

This will assure you that your customer’s needs will be met and your business will run smoothly. All you have to do is code the chatbot to be able to respond to any question about orders to the customers. Bots are quick to respond, improving your customers’ shopping experience. This will be beneficial to your business.

4. Shoppable Content

Customers’ behavior change over time, and today customers prefer instant solution to their problems. For instance, they want immediate accessibility, instant gratification, and split-second solution. The introduction of APIs has transformed the e-commerce industry by providing shoppable content that would trigger instant purchases.

API technology links content platforms (landing pages and blogs) to online retail stores by directly integrating the products into the content. This approach smoothly transforms a specific content piece into a commanding sales channel. Using shoppable content converts content consumers to product buyers.

5. VR Shopping

Without a doubt, online shopping has provided convenience and efficiency. Customers were tired of queues and trying out the different size options to get precisely what fits their needs. This was very instrumental, but physical shops still hold leverage over online shops because of one crucial aspect – the shopping experience.

Going through the presented photos of a product on an e-commerce website differs from being in a shop. The atmosphere and experience are two things that you can’t get. However, Alibaba introduced VR shopping where customers from China could virtually access Macy’s stores in New York and shop for what they desire. This is a trend that was warmly welcomed and one that is very promising to e-commerce websites.

6. Extended Use of AI

Artificial intelligence is a critical invention to human life. It has enhanced human and user experience across the internet. Its impact is noticeable, and it’s now being introduced in e-commerce. The relatively high pricing has made many people shy from investing in them. Still, there has been a significantly different and positive customer response for those who have opted for the technology in e-commerce.

AI can be used to find the perfect product for a customer. For instance, The North Face launched an intelligent AI to help customers find an ideal jacket depending on their shopping needs. The reason was to have a personal online shopper who understands your needs.

E-commerce has presented multiple opportunities for businesses, developers, and technologies to merge and offer a complete product that would ideally suit a customer. Ideas and inventions have enhanced the shopping experience, which makes a difference in competition. However, you’ll require a highly qualified E-Commerce Development Company in London to help you deploy functionalities and features to set your e-shop at a higher bar.

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