The triumph of “Shoppable Content”

“Shoppable content” is the latest trend in the marketing and it creates an important engagement between brands and consumers.

Shoppable content includes videos, articles, pictures or any type of content that makes the purchase process as easy as possible, whether it means a purchase of an item on the website or leading a customer to the specific shopping page.

Content that provides instant purchase possibility can be divided in two: user experience that favours the purchase on the website and different advertising possibilities on social media or mass media websites that make the purchase process of advertised content extremely easy.

In this article, we will feature some examples of the “shoppable content” but in the future, we will be discussing different digital marketing possibilities in the Baltics as well as Scandinavia.

More and more brands understand how important it is to make the purchasing process as comfortable and easy as possible. If I see something I like, I want to get it without nuisance – that is an ideology that unifies a lot of consumers on the market. The more actions I have to take to acquire the desired object the less probable it is that I will eventually reach the final purchase step.

Probably everyone can relate to the situation when you are lying on the sofa browsing a fashion magazine. You then see a picture that catches your eye creating the desire to purchase what you’ve just seen. Probably not everyone will rush to all-knowing Google to find the objects of interest and a specific website to purchase them. Shoppable content makes it all possible – I see something, I click it, I pay for it and it is mine!

At the same time, the content itself is becoming more and more important. The story, lifestyle and experience sell much better than just a picture of a product. Consumers are constantly surrounded by an abundance of choice and opportunities which means that companies have to put more effort into creating interest, brand engagement and desire. Smart content creates an ideal and fruitful base for such goals. Brands strive to make their websites more attractive by offering original content and give a better overview of the brand.

People have to relate to the brand and wish for the same lifestyle that a certain brand reflects.

A good example is a blog, newsletter or a digital magazine on your website, posting articles or for example, a so-called “lookbook” that portrays the image of a stylish outfit that consists of different clothing items or an appetizing dish that consists of different ingredients.

Let’s look at some inspiring examples of a good shoppable content.

Dutch clothing brand Scotch & Soda – inspiring lookbook that tells the brand’s story ideally, shows the full look of the outfit and makes it easy to add the items to the shopping cart.

Shoppable Content
Shoppable Content

UK clothing brand AllSaints creates a bridge between consumer, brand and shopping experience. If you upload your picture with a proper hashtag on a social media your picture might end up on the brand’s website. A link is then added to the picture that enables a customer to purchase the viewed product with just one click.

Shoppable Content
Shoppable Content

Finnish retail chain Prisma displays inspiring recipes to cook delicious meals at home. The visitor sees the recipe and the picture of the cooked dish. The added link enables the visitor to purchase all the necessary ingredients with a single click.

Shoppable Content

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