Partnering with WordPress hosting and security company

About WordPress security

A few months ago internet communities were baffled by a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack that struck companies like Github, Netflix, PayPal, etc. In the light of recent events it is only proper to write about the safety of WordPress. As one of the major content management systems in the market, it has always been a target for hackers.

The two main safety issues/vulnerabilities concerning WordPress are low safety templates, and plugins. Thirdly, there are hosting providers with inadequate web security, who are easy targets for a coordinated attack. With these issues in mind, we have found a new web development partner who has addressed them.

WordPress hosting and security

Partnership with WordPress hosting and security company

From this autumn we embarked on a partnership with Seravo, a company who specialise in web hosting and security. After building a strong product in their Finnish homeland, they have expanded their reach internationally. We value how they have pushed all their effort towards WordPress and the many positive aspects of their service.

  • Seravo upkeeps and monitors all the websites 24/7. Most issues have already been solved before they are apparent.
  • They are fully dedicated to WordPress. Whether it’s their platform, website speeds, customer service – everything has been developed to bring out the best of the CMS.
  • The core of the system, templates and also plugins – updates, backups, and safety checks are all automatic.
  • Safety is one of the key roles in their service. HTTPS is a default feature securing your website, and customer data, whilst also making your site more attractive in the search engines of Google.
  • The pricing of the service packages is based on the user amount of a particular website, with the main goal of maximising speeds and improving the user experience.
  • There are four different packages (WordPress Mini, Pro, Business & Enterprise) that all include hosting, maintenance, and domain fees. We are always able to find a suitable solution for our clients.
  • When signing up for the service, Seravo can set up everything within an hour, leaving you with just the task of logging in.
  • Seravo have dedicated developers who can provide all the necessary tools for building professional websites. There are also hands-on trainings to make the most of their workflow.

WordPress hosting and security

The statistics over the last years have shown that choosing the right hosting provider can significantly minimise the risks of attack. We believe, with Seravo, that we have found a great partner to push our services forward. We see how it is always wise for website owners to ask their hosting provider about the potential threats and safety concerns.

If you’d like to know more about the range of services we provide and discuss working with us, then please write us – and let’s discuss your project in detail.