esports website creation – It’s new, it’s big, it’s our passion is the Swiss window into the international eSports world. It is a first stop shop for news, videos and backgrounds. is a project of UPC Schweiz GmbH, the largest broadband cable operator in Switzerland, in partnership with the digital marketing agency BlueGlass Interactive AG.


The website is an information platform for all Swiss citizens interested in eSport.
The program Spotlight plays a key role in the site. The moderators present news in a fun way in German and French. Users are provided with relevant and constantly updated information, providing an interactive and dynamic presence for eSports in Switzerland.
The goal of the project is to establish the UPC brand as an important player in eSports.

What We Did

SEO is an intrinsic ingredient of any website, and we implemented some of the most groundbreaking and effective solutions ensuring the site is easy to find, load and navigate. In conjunction with BlueGlass Interactive AG, we ensured that technology and marketing were blended together creating a seamless user experience, enabling customers to find what they want quickly and with the sufficient level of detail according to their needs.

We designed a responsive WordPress website, with an interactive design, utilising web development that offers the content a chance to shine: The site it easy to update, and provides a dynamic  platform for the UPC brand to deliver eSports in a fun and informative way.

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