64door Factory eshop development in Kenya

64door Factory produces luxurious artisal crafted doors with affordable prices. Doors are built in western Africa and exported all around the world. Doorcrafters are best experts in this particular field and they are passionate about creating products that are practical, functional yet pleasing to the eye at the same time.

Each door is custom made according to client´s wishes and each customer can keep a close eye on the production proccess of the ordered door from start to finish.


The main purpose of the project was to build 64door Factory a webpage that would allow customers to order doors that would be built specially according to their preferences.

Second task was to create a well functioning e-shop. Eshop development in Kenya aim was to build a system that would allow enterprise resorce planning (ERP) software integration on the page.

Eshop development in Kenya. What we did it?

We created a „door-building-function“ on the webpage, that allows clients to step-by-step create and order the door of their dreams. Clients can choose between the materials, designs, colors and even decide if the door handler should be positioned on the left or right side of the door. Additionally, client can choose between giving the measurements of the desired door themselves or ordering an expert to come and take the neccecssary measurements himself on site..

We built a webpage that is well functioning and easy to use also via mobile phones.

Well-functioning ERP sofware Directo integration was put in the heart of the webpage creation. This innovative solution allows enterprises to have a very operative overview of all orders in proccess. All purchases are automatically displayed in Directo software, which makes managing and fulfilling ongoing orders easy and problem-free for the company.

Eshop development in Kenya
Eshop development in Kenya