Development of administrative system, health

Development of administrative system for patients who are fighting Parkinson’s disease

Parkinsonranneke is a company that helps patients battling with Parkinson’s disease by creating a solution for bringing Parkinson’s Kinetigraph technology to Finland. Parkinson’s Kinetigraph (PKG) system is an innovative mobile technology that provides doctors and patients with continuous, objective, ambulatory assessment of the treatable and disabling symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


Parkinsonnranneke came to us with a goal of creating a full scale brand presence in the finnish market. How to build a solution that would enable both physicians to track their patients symptoms and patients to have a user experience that takes into account their disabilities?

From their corporate visual identity, to question on building a custom solution for users who aren’t able to enjoy the online experience as so many of us are accustomed to. Our goal was to develop an online solution that takes into account both and offers doctors a way to digitalize data and create custom graphs for each patient.

Development of administrative system, mockup & and planning

What We Did

After developing Parkinsonranneke’s CVI, we created a front end solution that would enable to get an overview of the PKG system and its use with separate backend solutions for patients and doctors. Upon a doctor’s visit after wearing the device, the doctor is able to easily upload the data into the system, assess the data by creating charts and use this for analysis and further treatment. The physician receives an objective assessment of the patient’s symptoms which leaves a little room to personal interpretation and saves time on symptom evaluation.

The patients who have trouble explaining, identifying or interpreting their symptoms get a chance to base their treatment on data assessment. The patient is also able to access the studies conducted and use the data to receive a third party assessment. The user experience is built keeping in mind the physical impairments and offers an online experience that takes into account the disabilities and still enables to track your treatment and fill the required forms for medical compensations and registrations.

We’re proud that our solutions are able to help the one’s in need and hope that our future solutions are able to push the boundaries even further.